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Becky Aspell
Client Coordinator

  • October 20, 2013
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Born and bred Chicagoan, Becky has always been up for a challenge. At the tender age of ten, she put down the violin and picked up the oboe because the violin “wasn’t hard enough”. With her newfound love of playing the oboe paired with her uncanny ability to remember details in movies, Becky didn’t realize that she was going to take the sound world by storm. Now, recently graduated from DePaul University with a degree in Cinema Studies and Sound Design under her belt, Becky is the bane of her family while watching movies. “Did you hear that?” and “wasn’t that sound effect cool” are surprisingly not what people want to hear while watching a movie. Becky has always been great at making people feel at ease, and with her wholesome Midwestern vibe and her effervescent personality, Becky is the right fit for the Client Coordinator.