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Bob Benson
Sound Designer

  • May 1, 2015
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Bob got hooked on audio production when his father (an actor and VO talent) introduced him to the recordings of Stan Freberg, The Goon Show, Bob and Ray and the like. These shows used lots of live sound effects and with his eyes closed he discovered he could see the show in his mind. Later in high school he listened to The CBS Mystery Theater and Dr. Demento on Sunday nights. On Hallowe’en he and his dad would place speakers out on the back porch and play spooky sounds they mixed to scare the kids that came. As a teenager, Bob tagged along with his dad to all his radio sessions during his summer vacations, visiting just about every recording studio in Chicago. At home, Bob had acoustically altered his bedroom to a recording room and recorded a few aspiring acoustic guitar players, and a few singers. Later, he and his college buddy built a full up recording studio on his friends third floor. After a couple of years recoding talentless bands, he decided to go back to his first love, audio production. He soon was downtown working at the top production studios. Bob loves to create a scene in our minds with recorded sound effects or foley, and to fool the mind into thinking the talent was recoded there. It’s a perfect mix of a hint of old school together with new school.